vineri, 25 octombrie 2019

freedomless freedom

sofly eight fourgoten thots

beiound what i normaly think there are ghide lines that maintein the flow of activ thinking on a pre defined road trip
 so the normal thing to do is to find the previous valid line that was prealterd so that it can be freed by its bounding bordains that brought it to this state. this neans finding the first lair of thinking so  i had to dig benith the experiences that influences my standard actual tinking and recreating it by ignoring post previous alterations and redryving on a  path that resecures a unbanned smoth track through unaltered thinking. but this means i have to redifine my actual memories founded on unwanted experiences by unexperimenting on standard definitions altered reality and redescovering a original seed of engine that starts acknoleging unexperienced experimented life so all that i have to do is name a way of experience and experience it by a post predefined norm for example freedom as we know it is everithing that previously broke some rules bur by casualy breking them the tabu of ilegalnes became invalid. in this definition we can integrate the unexperimenting uf experiente to return thinking to its pure forms meaning unpredefined ghidelins.
 thinching about the standards of freadom i had some drastic measures taken on the level of maturyty that i couldnt influence through underage bounderays. this made me position miself on equal terms whith those that where under my age and at the same time imlying that they keep a equal term law betwen themselfs as underaged this created two problems the first one in of those that considered themselvs prematurely overaged and had the impresion that my laws where a sign of human weeknes. this meant that the main problem was the fealing of inferiority that broke my law of freedom whith those that had a age higher than mine. bypassing this law ment that i had to become prematurily post mature consideryng those my age and higher as equal not in the law of freedom but loked under the main and most important low of freedom. do not consider those weeker than you servents no matter what age you are but as if you respect not a higher low but the law of equal respect beiond selfish superioryty because the only superiority that you can achive is over your self and that is only limited by aspentations never being more that you can be at a certain state evan if you recive more respect and superioryty that you can handle.
so by limits do not provoke god to find unwanted answers and use slavery as freedom of choice. more than thar youre self respect on others in not compatible unless you can at least inflict the same amount of self respect.
p,s, overite sexual thinking standards with unexperienced unaditioned paterns of  sexual moralyty

p.s. keep youre mind open of open impurities ant openlyshut impuryties

marți, 8 octombrie 2019

first thots

four to eight deep soundles standstills towords a hopeful and speachlels hope reached out at a wave lenght uprising misjuged futureles present.
 you may not be familiar with someones feelings but dare not to be the reason of someones yet to be undreamend wishes. someone thought he could be stronger than he can be able to. he succeded to do so until his means of doing so reached anew reasoning for living start.everithing in his life became a posponed upcoming event but nothing happend which was good until it didnt. but dont be haisty about it and create unthinkerbel judgements before you missprononce the things that whated to happen so be ready to try to pretend ignorance is a bliss until all is left is a hopeful one. solitude is a questionable status because you can be present by ignoring yourone presence and by this i mean what will happen if you start undermining your presence in your life it wouldnt matter. but what if you succed to chake mayt youre own moves reaching a standstill outside your confort zone who would win if you find youreself in a past present yet to be happen in the a future that you are in a aimles serch  of youre own steps back home on a midnight lightles street running towords a purpuse worthy to pursuite and than you burn chalories up a high chimney floating asleeples above a brickless far asleep city seemed to be alife by the sparclig lights unvailing in front youre reaching arms like unthuched moments of happines that fade away the way you get closer to them.. youve thought through all the sky and stars with a breathles unkown reasons just for the sake of doing it.and still you maneged to do it freewilingly you finished it with no turning back and you decided that is youre life can exist without you in it and you havent lost youreself because you were all in it whilw nobody new that you were going blindfolded accepting the unnowun to you reasons to do so and you trusted youresellf and you havent let youreself down until the end reveled itself and you didnt uspected to be there when everything was going fine until the authority over that thing was removed from you.

p.s. painting youre life making it grow inside you like beautiful flowers.

sâmbătă, 21 septembrie 2019


Forty eight pieces of self acnolegement.
If you do something and you sufer for it out of youre fault that brings the others upon you than the reason that you are doing that thing should be for youre suferings that you had to suffer for youre self and for the cause and forghet the false cause that gave you the reason to start youre jorney.
This means that you will not sell or give up for nothing youre time spent and invested in something for something that whipes and puts into inexistence all youre time spent on a cause this means that the reason to continue to fight for the cause is the cause itself and not quiting the cause is enforced by youre investment in the cause this means that you have to value youre work with the value of the work that you ve put in it.
Youve done it once whidout thining about it thinking and liyng to youreself that the false gesture can be coverted to something that pushes it and over its time foreword when insted it was not only pushed bakwords to its begining but canceled entierly denieing youre chance to a future in youre work working actualy against youre work and youre future in it just for a simple timles timed moment that scrude you over all that time hollding you against youre will from moving foreword in youre job. This being said you cant do it again unles you give up all youre work for a new cause giving it up to someone that doesnt have to separate the good and the bad out of youre failed life and giving you a whole new work started from the begining helped only by the experience that you lost and never had and giveing it up not falsly but truly and entirely to have the chance to start from the begining.
 The second lesson is that when you qwote someone say what he felt entaierly and be him while qwoting and forget the reason why you are usin his reasoning for youre selfish reasons this means that you have to be true with youre self true to the author and true to those who will recive this masege truthfuly using the posture that inforces the quote apart from youre false form of the trouth understanding that you are just an impersonation of one true person and not a lost idea or a seed of reasoning. Live that to youre true facts and not falsly replicate someones untrue words that can be used out of the context. So find true spikers and isolate them and youreself in distinct and complete statements and then if needed state a point of wieue upon bouth quotes youres and the one that you inpersonate.
P,s, be true not only to youre cause but to you and to others involved in youre life.

vineri, 16 august 2019

Inclesari relaxante

48 de subterfugii dezlegate la șireturi
Piese albe adaug la concret inerconectat la realitatea in care inițiez ințelesuri ale prezentului vibrant excentric presurizat.   te grabesti pe unde tacerea inconjoara cu liniste tarziu si devreme miezonoptic in mediul intranocturn  si iti descoperi  necesitatea urmatoarei mutari de contraatac defensiv liniar cu frontul diagonal spre adversarul care poate fi brutal de ilogic si infamiliar de dureos. cand esti pregatit sa cazi de prea sus pentru a vedea ca apa e mai adanca decat gandurile in care iti e frica sa te scufunzi chiar si fara durera de cap in urma raului de mare distantă de tarmul luchid al liniei de plutire si totusi pana unde poti cunoaste un strain trei zile si pana cand cei pe care esti obligat sa ii cunosti iti arata drumul camaraderesc inspre cel mai slab luminat gand ce te controleaza cand mania devine furie si extazul conflictului se transforma in urma unei impresii a tradarii cand presupusul dusman are un pact tacit cu antagonistul tau si iti dai seama ca singurul si cel mai mare dusman al tau dintre cei ce te umbulzesc esti.  cand iti doresti a fi ceva mai mult sau mai putin decat ii nemultumesti pe cei ce isi doresc un bine prin asi recorecta iluzoria nedreptate inpungand mai adac din sine pumnalul inumanizarii concentric socializatoare te afli incercuit de gratii zoologice eliberator intrinseci întuneric in care binele si raul se afla la distanța de un singur semn de punctuație?.

multumit cu ceea ce te nemultumeste te intorci printre disciplinatorii congrese de conduita reglaroare de conturi cu reimpozitari multiple pe socializare si te regasesti in jurul celor ce dornici de un suplu amical ambient rascoala vechi si noi revendicari ale dreptului de a fi asa cum sar putea sa fie bine pentru cei ce poate au fost sau aproape ca sunt si probabil ca vor fi.

 P.S. pe langa noi cresc ce vor si ei sa fie vii asa cum suntem noi cand ne e bine.

duminică, 16 septembrie 2018

life changing iresponsabilities

 48 de invataturi de minte aplicate
cand totul incepe de la zero nu inseamna ca ai luat-o de la capat ci totul ia o alta forma o forma absurda in comparatie cu ce nu a fost dar concret normala cu ce urmeaza sa devii dar adevarul incepe sa para ce nu poate fi incomparatie cu un adevar care a incetat sa mai fie adevar si devine trecut. dar sa redevenim seriosi daca materia care ajunge sa calatoreasca prin spatiu cu viteza luminii atunci acea materie se transforma in energie prin urmare scopul linal al luminii este sa devina materie atunci din ce este compusa lunmina cand stima ca materia este o forma expandata a unui atom care majoritar este spatiu atunci ce e fotonul o relativitate a materiei adica materica nu este atomizata ci in cautarea finalitatii circular introspectetiva ci se affla tot intr-o stare solida dar in traversare a spatiului dintr-un loc in altul cu o viteza constanta cea a luminii

tracand peste relativitati ajungem la concretivitati. totul e ok tot ce exista e deja aici